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Our Mission

  • Have Fun! Your sons development in this sport is important and our objective is that they stay with this sport as long as they would like.
  • Teach all aspects of the game including sportsmanship. Whether a win or a lose, we feel it is important that your son understand these values. We will emphasize the basic skills with repetitive / muscle memory drills.
    • U9 level   - we emphasize the basic catch/ throw / shooting / 'cradling' techniques - cross field game play is utilized
    • U11 Level - teach and reinforce the basic skills along with the full field aspect of the game
    •  U13 level - Build upon the above listed skills with the incorporation of some complex offense and defense strategies
    • U15 Level - Refine the various skills, develop complex strategies, prepare those player for the next level - High School

Your Responsibility - Parents / Players

To make this season and your sons experience a success, we need your involvement!

  • Make sure your son has all his proper equipment for every practice and game
    • Jersey / practice uniform
    • Mouth guard
    • Athletic support / 'cup'
    • All protective gear - helmet, gloves, elbow and shoulder pads
    • Cleats
  • Make sure he has a water bottle or sports drink
  • Make sure he is ready to practice / play
  • Make sure the coaches know of any medical issues
  • Make sure they display good sportsmanship to coaches, teammates, officials, and fans
  • Make sure you ARE SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGE your son to give his "VERY BEST" at practice and at games


  • How do I determine what team my son would play on?

2017 Age grouping table

U9 Level Born On or AFTER 9/1/2008 (2nd grader)
U11 Level Born On or After 9/1/2006 (3rd / 4th grader)
U13 Level Born On or After 9/2004 (5th/6th grader)
U15 Level Born on or After 9/1/2002 (7th/8th grader)

Not only is age considered but also ability. Players may play 'up' into another level BUT not able to play down.

  • My son is new to the sport, can he still participate?

'YES' we are a development program - players get better and learn the sport by practicing, not playing games. Various techniques are used during practice including scrimmages to help develop. Our program uses ' equalized' playing time for games which means some games your son will play more or less based on his ability an the opponent we play. We do encourage that before you join a season that you search for a 'learn to play' program which are available locally (All American Lacrosse - Ultimate soccer arena). Lacrosse is a very athletic sport, you have to be interested in running. Players will need to be coordinated.

  • How often do you practice? Can my son play another sport?

We practice several days per week during the spring season and have weekly practices in the off seasons (Summer / Fall / Winter - some are invitation only). We have daily practices so that your son can still play another sport. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND that your son play more then two sports - its not fair to both player, coaches, and the teams he is participating on...  We like multi sport athletes but need a player to be at practice as much as possible to learn the skills.

  • Who do you play? Is this a school sponsored sport? Can anyone join?

Bloomfield Lacrosse Club plays in the Suburban Lacrosse League ( which has been established for may years. We are a 'club'  that is solely funded by the club - we do not receive funds from the school system or township. We are open to all but highly recommend that you be in the Bloomfield Hills school system as we try to support our High School team. If you our outside of the school system, please click on the link above and review the other team which participate in the suburban lacrosse league as they also support their local high school organization.

  • Where do I get the equipment?

There are several local sporting goods stores (Bloomfield Sports / Dicks / Sports Stop online). The most important pieces of equipment are: 1. helmet and 2. the stick. Find a helmet that fits well - please try to purchase a gray one or white. With sticks, please do not purchase a 'beginner' stick but invest in an intermediate one. The second most important thing about the stick is the stringing - have it strung with 'soft' mesh - this allows your son to catch and throw with easy and makes the overall experience allot better for everyone. Ask your coach or the president for more information.

  • Where do I register?

Registration is through this site. Please click on Home and then register for the season you are looking for.  the link is a generalized instruction on how to register for programs on this site.

  • What is typically involved ; what is practice like, games, etc.?

As a 3rd/4th grader player there will be practices several times per week to develop the basic skills necessary. Your player will be running while learning the basic skills of catching and throwing from both his left and right side as well as learning how to 'cradle' the lacrosse ball. They will then learn the concepts of shooting and offense / defense. Practice is done on half the field typically but games are played on a FULL field (similar size to a soccer or football field). A typical player for lacrosse is one whom is interested in athletics; enjoys running, enjoys being on a team, likes to learn and play sports, has some reasonable motor skills. This is similar for the 5th/ 6th grade team.